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Hobby Groups & Clubs
At The H Club we consider ourselves fortunate to be Happy in our work and have the knowledge and skills that enable us to lead Healthy and Harmonious Lifestyles. 

We have chosen to share with others both our time and skills and have undertaken to direct some of this to assist Hobby groups and Clubs with Fundraising activities.

 In the past our activities have ranged from:
  • delivering fundraising treatments
  • giving talk
  • sharing skills at workshops
If you have an event at which you think we can be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.


Sports Events
Over the past 15 years, our practitioners have been actively supporting sports events by working at Sporting fundraisers.  Not only that, those participating in the fundraising challenges receive first class pre- and post-event massage treatments to help them meet their fundraising and sporting challenges.  We are pleased that in this time, we have been able to encourage events organisers across the country to offer this service to competitors.

Why not take this one step further.  When training for your event, make an appointment with us for guidance and treatment plans that will enhance your overall performance and reduce the after-effects with a post event wind-down plan.

Use the contact box below to email for further information.

First Aid Parties
Why not consider one of our First Aid Parties.  Get a group of 8 or more friends together, you provide the venue and we will provide the same great course plus you will all receive a 10% discount off the usual course fee .  Also for a limited period the course organiser receives a free first aid biohazard protection kit.  Get the antenatal group back together or invite the mums and dads from you baby group.  Very popular and always a good laugh.  Email for further information.

Ladies Evenings

Are you looking for something different for your Club or Social group?.  Do the usual round of Pub Quizzes and DJ's leave your members feeling like they've done it asll before?.  Why not arrange a supper for you and your friends and ask us to keep you enthralled and entertained with one of our interactive Workshops or Talks.  Better still, why not learn a useful skill whilst your at it - we have a range of topics from First Aid to Healthy eating, Self-Reflexology to making your own Aromatherapy Products.  Take a look at our Workshops and Talks for ideas or contact us if you have ideas of your own that you would like to discuss as possibilities.

Fundraising Workshops

We also provide courses for groups, PTA's, nurseries and schools.  Earn a donation from profits for your group depending upon how many participants sign up for the Workshop.   Bespoke courses can be designed depending upon needs.  Contact us for further information.

Members Days/Evenings

Are you looking for something different for your Golf Club or Social group fundraiser?.  Do the usual round of Games and Treasure Hunts leave your members comlpaining they want something new?.  Why not ask us to keep your members engaged and entertained with one of our interactive Workshops or Talks.  We will donate a proportion of revenues received back to your fundraising activities.  Better still, learn a useful skill whilst your'e at it - let us equip them with the confidence to try and save a life.  Take a look at our First Aid Courses and other Wellbeing Workshops and Talks and contact using the form below to discuss your choices.

Parents & Governor's Evenings

Schools can raise funds in a useful way.  The H Club will give back a proportion of profits raised from workshops, talks or courses for your parents, by holding a class you open your doors to new people and show them and your parents that you care about First Aid, Health & Wellbeing at your School or Nursery and away from it.  Very easy to organise, this offers a new and valuable service.  Contact us using the form below.

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Events Advice

To discuss which of our Events Services best meets your needs, or to discuss ideas for First Aid or Health & Wellbeing activities for your fundraising promotions, contact us using the contact form below.


The H Club
has raised funds for the following Charities
St Luke's Cheshire Hospice
Crewe and Nantwich Seniors Voice
The Encephalitis Society
The Dogs Trust
Humane Education Society Animal Sactuary
CLIC Sargeant
Kidneys for Life - Manchester Royal Hospital
Women for Women
Altzheimer's Society
British Heart Foundation
Christies Hospital
Francis House Children's Hospice
British Heart Foundation
Against Breast Cancer Campaign
London Marathon
Red Cross
Rainbow Trust Childrens Centre
Save the  Children
Breast Cancer Awareness
St Ann's Hospice
Cransleigh School PTA
Macmillan Nurses
STEPS Childrens Development Centre
Marie Curie Cancer Care