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First Aid Courses Talks & Workshops

The H Club has delivered fully accredited First Aid and First Aid at Work courses for many years now.  As of December 2018, we made the decision to withdraw from delivering any further courses.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those repeat Learners who have come to us over the years and wish them well with their new Training providers.

First Aid related talks and workshops.

Our Talks and Workshops have been have been popular with Women's Institutes, Charitable groups such as Homestart, Women's and Lone Parent groups, Schools and other Community groups such as Voluntary Services Centres, Sheltered accomodation Units, Sports Facilities, Childcare, Carer and other organisations.

A sample of some of our topics is shown below.  If you have an idea for another topic or have a specific area of interest not shown below, please let us know.

Please contact us to discuss a Talk or Workshop for your group.

  • First Aid at home for the over 60's
  • Confidence to Care - Basic Life Support skills
  • Ressucitation at home and at work
  • First Aid for young mums
  • Bandaging skills
  • Travel First Aid for Schools
  • First Aid and sports injury treatment
  • Keeping it fresh - updating First Aid skills in dentistry
  • Young Sailors Safety and First Aid
  • Care at a Glance - First Aid skills for Youth Workers
  • First Aid in the Home at Christmas

First Aid Parties
Why not consider one of our First Aid Parties.  Get a group of 8 or more friends together, you provide the venue and we will provide the same great course plus you will all receive a 10% discount off the usual course fee .  Also for a limited period the course organiser receives a free first aid biohazard protection kit.  Get the antenatal group back together or invite the mums and dads from you baby group.  Very popular and always a good laugh.  Email for further information.

Ladies Evenings

Are you looking for something different for your Club or Social group?.  Do the usual round of Pub Quizzes and DJ's leave your members feeling like they've done it asll before?.  Why not arrange a supper for you and your friends and ask us to keep you enthralled and entertained with one of our interactive Workshops or Talks.  Better still, why not learn a useful skill whilst your at it - we have a range of topics from First Aid to Healthy eating, Self-Reflexology to making your own Aromatherapy Products.  Take a look at our Workshops and Talks for ideas or contact us if you have ideas of your own that you would like to discuss as possibilities.

Fundraising Workshops

We also provide courses for groups, PTA's, nurseries and schools.  Earn a donation from profits for your group depending upon how many participants sign up for the Workshop.   Bespoke courses can be designed depending upon needs.  Contact us for further information.

PRIMARY CARE (Basic Life Support & CPR)
Our range of Primary Care courses teach you to respond to life-threatening emergencies and to have confidence in your ability to provide care when emergency situations arise

SECONDARY CARE (Illness & Injury Assessment and First Aid)
These courses cover injuries and illnesses that are not immediately life-threatening

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You can find out more about our First Aid Training Services by clicking on this link >>>>>  First Aid courses for Parents, Friends and Family


Groups and organisations who have booked The H Club to deliver First Aid Courses, Talks and Workshops have included:

Her Majesty's Royal Palaces - Hampton Court Palace Staff
Youth Federation
Cheshire East Carers group
Cheshire County Council Community Learning
Neston Youth & Community Centre
Cheshire East Adult Community Learning
Cheshire West and Chester Adult Community Learning
Homestart Congleton
Congleton Voluntary Services
Hyde Group
Independent Childminders
Budworth Sailing Club
Numerous Schools, Pre-Schools and Playgroups
Weavervale Housing Trust

Contact The H Club to discuss tailored or exclusive workshops