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We want to help everyone stay fit and healthy. On this page we display seasonal tips for improving Health that you can use everyday.

Modern Western (Allopathic) Medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as the maintenance of health.  It treats recognised symptoms of illness through statistically ‘proven’ medical interventions ranging from the introduction of over-the counter pharmaceuticals to major radical surgery.

The concept of promoting adoption of complementary disciplines and techniques as part of everyday living to maintain health relies on the acceptance of complementary disciplines by mainstream medical practitioners and the public at large.



Before the introduction of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948, the provision of primary medical care in the United Kingdom was uneven.  


Whilst the first synthetic chemical drug, Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) had been manufactured by Bayer in Germany as early as 1899, many people still relied on medical practices based on the use of herbs.  Many such preparations being based on the Herbal Pharmacopeia of Dioscorides, published in 55AD.


Today, over 60 years after the formation of the NHS, it is still seen as meeting only some of the needs of the population and research is quoted as having shown that 3 in 5 people have utilised other forms of healthcare outside of the NHS’s allopathic approach.


There is, however, a growing consensus that both complementary techniques and allopathic medicine can be combined to great effect.  The H Club is actively involved in promoting knowledge and delivering complementary therapies in the community and assisting individuals to make an informed choice with regard to integrated healthcare.


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Good health is something we often take for granted - feeling well should be our normal state.  We all want to live long, Happy, Healthy Harmonious lives.  But careing for your health can be a bewildering business.

Take a look at our Ailments Infobase to check out some commonly available preventative techniques and helful information relating to different ailments.

Remember - many of the entries are simply common descriptions of diseases or definitions of medical terms, including a wide range of links to specialist charity web-sites.  Contact our Wellbeing Specialist for an appointment to explore which complementary therapies may be reputed to be helpful with particular conditions.

Reading about something on this site is no substitute for seeking medical advice, so if you have any concerns about your health, contact your medical adviser to discuss them.

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