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Will the young brother of a child with a nut allergy develop it?

Because there is allergy in your family, there is a high chance that the younger sibling will also be prone to allergies.  But these will not necessarily be severe.  There is only a seven per cent risk of this second child developing peanut allergy, compared with a 1-2 per cent risk in a child from a non-allergic family.  Simply introduce a small amount of each new food one at a time and keep a close watch for symptoms.

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Good health is something we often take for granted - feeling well should be our normal state.  We all want to live long, Happy, Healthy Harmonious lives.  But careing for your health can be a bewildering business.

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Remember - many of the entries are simply common descriptions of diseases or definitions of medical terms, including a wide range of complementary therapies that are reputed to be helpful.  Reading about something on this site is no substitute for seeking medical advice, so if you have any concerns about your health, contact your medical adviser to discuss them.

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