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Jam, Marmalade & Conserve Recipes

Jams & Conserves

Jam is based on either one fruit or several different fruits.  The fruit is cooked until tender; until it will jell or become thick enough to spread when it is served at room temperature.  A conserve is a preserve made from whole orange pieces of fruit.  It is made in the same way as jam.

Good jelly should be clear and translucent, firm enough to hold its own shape, but soft enough to quiver when cut with a spoon.  The strained juice "cm the cooked fruit is combined with sugar; then cooked to a point at which it will set when cold.


Marmalade is a clear jelly preserve with small pieces of rind or thin slices of fruit suspended in it, marmalades are made from citrus fruits, or a combination of fruits, one or two being citrus.  The name is said to have come from the Portuguese word for quince, marmelo

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