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Meet Our Key Members


The H Club key members are always on hand to answer queries and help promote health & wellbeing.

Gill Kenyon -  Founder of The H Club


As founder of The H Club, Gill Kenyon has an impressive track record.  Gill has managed and set up a number of successful businesses over the past 30+ years.  She was one of the frist 12 people to hold the prestigious status of Chartered Marketeer and has been a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, a Fellow of the International Council of Holistic Therapists, Member of the International Council for Health, Sports and Fitness Therapists, member of CThA/ITEC Professionals/IGPP/EMBODY and member of the Association of Therapy Lecturers. 

With a n Honours degree in Business Studies and full Diploma in Marketing, Gill's Post Graduate training in Education has been complemented by her achievement of Instructor Trainer status for HSE Approved Workplace First Aid courses.

As founder member and director of training services for The H Club, both her business development and wellbeing skills are employed verifying the direction and quality of service delivery.

Gill also holds numerous Diplomas and Certificates in Health & Wellbeing subjects including:
Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage       Nutrition and Diet                     Stress Management                                   On-Site Massage
Sports Massage                                          Reflexology                             Indian Head Massage                                Aromatherapy
Lymphatic Drainage                                    Complementary Therapy            Baby Massage                                           Holistic Therapies

Holistic Facial Massage          Assessment of Clients for Holistic Treatments     Fitness Instruction                                        Reiki
Fitness and Gym Instruction                    Lifestyle Counselling                    Work-Life Balance tuition                          Stress Management
First Aid & First Aid at Work Training         
Life Coaching                        Health and Wellbeing Education


Bill  - Policy Making, Strategic development and Candidate Assessment

Bill's role in suppporting the strategic decision making and business development of The H Club utilises his many entrepreneurial skills.  With a background in business and sales and marketing, he is an invaluable member of the organisation and provides particular support through his many entrepreneurial skills !

Bill also performs the role of Instructor and Assessor for HSE Workplace First Aid courses in addition to generating interest in safeguarding our marine environment through his Diving Instructor activities and beguiling underwater photography.

Wellbeing Practitioners - Delivery of Advice, Consultations, Technique Training, First Aid Training and Therapies

With in excess of 100 practitioners from the north of Scotland to the south coast of England, our members deliver treatments from clinics, home studio rooms, rented rooms, spas, fitness centres and a range of other locations, including, some who work on a mobile basis.  They continue to add to their knowledge and expertise by participating in the Continual Professional development (CPD) activities of The H Club.

Lecture & Demonstration on Complementary Therapies
Royal College of Nursing Anual Conference, Harrogate, 2004

The H Club also creates and co-ordinates fully trained specialist teams to work in the corporate environment at Exhibitions, conferences, activity days, at promotional events and on-site in your own company.
Recognition of our professional standing and knowledge has included invitations to guest lecture and work at medical confereneces and to share our knowledge and expertise with medical and health practitioners ranging from social workers, carers, nurses, doctors and medical consultants.

Club Members
continuing Professional Development

The H Club
Whether you be a private individual or a major corporation, we would be pleased to help you and your colleagues and friends to enhance the Happiness Health & Harmony in your life with Work-Life Balance, Lifestyle, Stress Management, Nutrition and Fitness advice.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.