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The Festive Season can bring gifts we don’t always wish for

Being a sociable sort, do you find the round of Office Parties, Dinner Dances, nights out and family meals leaves you heavier, less active and feeling lethargic ?. Typically, Christmas brings with it masses of bad food treats and alcoholic beverages that are constantly tempting us!!   A few tips are: 
H     Have a good breakfast, so you will not feel hungry, therefore, your will power will be stronger
H     DON'T pick and snack! Just because it's there doesn't mean that it MUST be eaten
H     Drink only what you would normally drink. Again, just because it's there, doesn't mean it MUST be drunk
H     Don't give in to peer pressure. Stick by you guns and say NO
H     Don't go shopping when you're peckish and don't buy things simply because it's Christmas
H     If you normally don't eat it, don't buy it! Otherwise it will still be sitting there come February
H     Let common sense and will power prevail! And when your guests are feeling lethargic, uplift the atmosphere on Christmas Day by burning Nutmeg, Orange and Frankincense. Both Nutmeg and Orange lift the spirits and Frankincense balances.  Use 2 drops of Nutmeg, 2 drops of Orange and 3 drops of Frankincense to keep the party going.

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