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Lifestyle Tips January


Practical Resolutions as we mourn the loss of summer sun 

Don't make New Year resolutions - you never stick to them!!  Instead make 1 small obtainable change - like cutting down on coffee, walk up/down the stairs instead of the lift or escalators or perhaps 1 treat per month like a massage, aromatherapy facial or pedicure.  Suggestions for making and keeping a New Years Resolution:
H     Make it a positive and reinforcing statement not a negative one
H     Small attainable changes otherwise failure is imminent
H     Avoid making a resolution whilst intoxicated, it will almost certainly be wild and unrealistic
H     Don't make a resolution if you don't want to, it's not compulsory
H     If you want to change habits, like "smoking" - be realistic. Deep habits are the most difficult to change
H     Most importantly - have fun - life is to be enjoyed not endured

We want to help everyone stay fit and healthy. On this page we'll display lifestyle tips you can use everyday.

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