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July is a great month for outdoor dinner parties and drinking up the setting sun

July is a great month for outdoor dinner parties and drinking up the setting sun.  It is particularly a month for wine.  Why not get together and relax with a group of friends over a chilled glass?.  Not too much though – alcohol can be a relaxant in small quantities but has been proven to have adverse effects on body and mind if taken to excess or on a regular basis. Friendship and social support are proven aspects of Lifestyle that can aid mental health by reducing stress and alleviating anxiety.  As the saying goes:– ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. Wines celebrate this month dedicated to Julius Caesar.  For although the Romans were well used to wine drinking – Pliny lists 116 varieties – it was Caesar’s reign that a choice of four was offered for the first time at a banquet.  Try delicate pink salmon and a soft white wine from the Loire.  A Sancerre, or Muscadet, or an Anjou rose, to wash away the memory of a hot, dry day in the city. The fruit season reaches its peak in July and August.  Vegetables are also at their most varied and plentiful – so go out and buy, bottle, freeze and preserve ready for the coming year.  Why not try making your own wines ?.   Watch out most particularly for the short-lived fruit and vegetable crops such as Peas or French beans.  Some years there will be a glut of them but in others the crop may be over before you even realise it is on.  Pea Pod wine is a must if you have never made it before – it tastes like a beautifully rounded Muscadet!

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