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The H Club was first conceived in 2000 by it’s founder, Gill Kenyon, to enable and empower people to make informed choices about the effects of today’s hectic lifestyles and related ill health on their Happiness.


Our mission is to provide individuals, community groups and businesses with access to practitioners and techniques to complement current practices and enable them to reach their full potential whilst retaining their general Health


The H Club methodology brings together many different aspects of life.  It is entirely reliant on the co-operation of like-minded individuals to establish a culture of Harmony between practitioners of the various philosophies and techniques for achieving Health and Happiness



The cycle of life has many aspects.  As infants we are care free, as adolescents, the world appears to be our oyster, but choices now can affect our Happiness for the rest of our lives.


As adults, our responsibilities increase.  Decisions made on the basis of our knowledge now may impact not only our own, but also our dependents wellbeing and Health.


Work, family and friends all make calls on our personal time.  How we balance the many demands upon us influences how we react to stress and how we achieve a life of Harmony. 



Various stages in life involve differing problems to those people who are going through them.  Thus new mothers will have a different range of difficulties from older people recently bereaved, or those newly diagnosed with arthritis. 


Such people need help and support just as much as those with health problems.  This is why The H Club methodology aims to promote healthy living practices in an informed way.  

Lifestyle Advice

For Lifestyle reviews and investigation of how healthy your Lifestyle is, why not make an appointment with one of our Lifestyle Practitioners by clicking this link

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  • Life Coaching
  • Confidence Building workshops
  • Team building activities
  • Stress Management Programmes and Consultations
  • Work-Life Balance workshops

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The therapies, techniques, essential oils, carrier oils, aspects of health, nutrition, fitness, stress and life currently detailed are not intended to be in any way exhaustive or inclusive, rather they are designed to promote you to explore further your own particular interest and expertise so that with comprehensive and constructive help your own special interest group can be satisfied.