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Lifestyle Tips May


Take Time to enjoy Spring

and recharge your batteries at the same time

As the year progresses and the days lengthen, take some time to yourself and enjoy the longer days and silvery sun of spring. Why not visit a local National trust Garden, a local Nursery & Gardens, or a Public Park. 

You can follow the trails through acres of beautiful woodland, valleys of bluebells, spring gardens, meadows, orchards and historic walled vegetable gardens all across the country.
 Many open for the National Garden Scheme charities.  Wear stout shoes or boots as the trail winds along woodland paths and grass, some exhibit sculptures exhibited by some of England's best creative artists; take a pair of binoculars or a wildlife book and try to spot as many creatures or birds as you can, or you can simply take in the marvelous views of the local countryside. Then treat yourself to a delicious home make cake and feel the satisfaction of a day well spent. 

For more information about places to visit, look at: Use to find National Gardens near you that are Open for Charity Find a National Trust property near you to visit at:

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