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Lifestyle Tips November


 November seems to leave us brittle just as covers the ground with frost

Do you feel stiff when waking in the morning ?.  Does it feel like you too have been frosted ?. We can easily stiffen up overnight especially as we get older.  Try the following GENTLE exercises upon waking.   Whilst in bed lying on your back:
H     Wiggle toes
H     Rotate ankles
H     Alternately each shake leg
H     Bring both knees towards the chest and hold for a count to 5, then back down sliding the feet to straighten the legs again
H     Wiggle fingers
H     Rotate wrists
H     Alternately shake your right then left arms and shoulders
H     Rotate head left then right
H     Gently sit up with both feet on the floor.  Slowly bend forward to touch toes and return back to a sitting position. You should feel your circulation stimulated and your body will be more amicable about getting out of bed, especially when it's cold!!Go gently, your body is not long awake.  Give yourself time to fully defrost !.

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