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Women’s Cosmetics become more widely used as we mourn the loss of summer sun

There has been an increase in awareness in Breast Cancer of recent years.  But how much of this increase is related to the amount of products we women use.  There are all sorts of potentially bad chemicals mixed in our creams, sprays, deodorants, lotions etc. There are 2 groups you may wish to avoid: 

H     Sodium Laureth Sulphates - (SLS's makes lather & foam)
H     Parabens (preservatives) and Aluminium (deodorants) 

The media puts so much pressure on women to stay youthful that we are willing to poison ourselves in the process.  Not only is there an increase in the use of Self-Tanning products, Spray Tanning and Tanning creams but also a plethora of anti-ageing creams. The blame can also be put at the feet of the women who buy into this myth.  It is about time that women put their foot down and accepted the fact that we age and do it gracefully.  We also need to accept our cyclic nature which will lead us to our own inner power as a mature woman.  This being said, many Cosmetics firms are now increasing opting to utilize naturally occurring chemicals in the forms of plant essential oils rather than those listed above. However, most underarm deodorants still contain some form of Aluminium, which closes the pores and prevents sweating.  Not a good idea as it's poisonous and has also been linked with Altzheimer’s disease.  Try the mineral crystal deodorants they kill the bacteria in the sweat that causes the odour.  Your body can sweat without odour.

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