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Health Eating & Nutritional Advice

The H Club encourages and helps you to identify how you can achieve a Healthy, Balanced Diet.

Our Infobase complements this advisory service with pages of information, tips and recipes for balanced nutrition, healthy eating and other eating related suggestions, services and resources.

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Seasonal Garden Produce

This page contains links to numersous specialist and interesting recipes and to information to help you maintain a Healthy Balanced Diet. 

Customer Accolades

As a Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing center, we are here to serve your health, fitness, and lifestyle needs.

This area of our site will guide you through the many aspects of Diet and Nutrition that can affect our lives as well as assisting you to understand a number of our activities/treatments that may also be of help. We hope you will find the information you are looking for. 
Alternatively, why not make an appointment to visit one of our Nutritional Advice Practitioners ?  Below are some comments from a few of our clients.

Here are some of our clients comments:

"I would be washed out for 2 days after competing every time I was out Fell Running, now I am great to go again in next to no time at all.  The advice was quite a revelation, I thought I was doing enough to prepare for events but now I see I wasn't" Mark - High Leigh

"It was one of the most enjoyable talks of the year!" Sylvia - Greater Manchester

"I am so happy I arranged the nutritional workshop, the Tips and suggestions were simple but fun!!" Maggie - Congleton

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