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You will never get the full flavour when using dried herbs, so keep this in mind when substituting dried for fresh.  However, if you find yourself in dire need and without fresh herbs, use one-third the amount of dried herb substituted for fresh.  One tablespoon of fresh chopped herb equals one teaspoon dried.  When substituting fresh for dried, triple the amount.

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Click on the link below to download a copy of the selected Herbs for Health recipe

Acquacotta di Verdure

Basil & Ham Omellette


Look out for the following recipes to be added to this site in the near future, or e-mail us to request a copy of the one you would like if it isn't yet available as a downloadable link

Blackberry and Apple crumble
Bohemian Roast Pork
Breadmaker Sage and Onion Bread
Candied Angelica
Comfrey Pasta
Dandelion Soup
Dyett Bread
Elderflower Cordial
Elderflower Gooseberry Fool
Elderflower Tea
Elderflower Vinegar
Fire Cider Vinegar
Gervaise Markham's Preserved Salad
Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam
Grand Sallet
Haw Sin Sauce
Horseradish Honey
Horseradish Sauce
Lavender Biscuits
Lemon Verbena Mascarpone Fool
Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream
Nettle Pesto
Nettle Soup
Nettle Tea
Nettle Vinegar
Nettle Yoghurt Dip
Parsley and Nettle Soup
Pork, Ham and Parsley Roulade
Rose & Apple Jelly
Rose Ice Cream
Rose Petal Vinegar
Rose Water
Rosehip Syrup
Rosemary Bread
Rosemary Shortbread
Shad with bay and sorrel sauce
Spinach and Dandelion Salad
Strawberry & Lemon Verbena Cheesecake

Thyme, Pomegranate and roast Guinea Fowl