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We want to help everyone stay fit and healthy. On this page we'll display health tips you can use everyday.

Outdoor pursuits are a great way to stay slim and relax from the stresses of the world


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Have you ever fancied dinghy sailing ?.
Budworth Sailing Club welcomes all sailors whether they be experienced dinghy racers or people wishing to gain experience in sailing a dinghy for the first time.
The club both introduces novices to the art of sailing and to how to experience the comararderie of an active and thriving race sailing club.  Budworth's philosophy is to get people on the water as quickly as possible to maximise enjoyment of this sport.
Several highly experienced GP14 boat owners have, on several occassions, kindly agreed to take aspiring people out on the lovely inland waters of Budworth Mere, Warrington Road, Great Budworth, Cheshire (just south of junction 10 of M56), CW9 6HA.  Full rescue boat cover is always provided when club sialing and training are taking place.
As with all sailing activity bouyancy aids are always required but you don't need to own a boat to offer your services as a crew to a boat owning helm.  However you will always need to bring:
Towels, shower gear, swimming costume, spare clothing and spare footwear.  Hot showers and changing facilities are fully avilable in the facilities of the clubhouse.  After all, with the exciting conditions of a race day, it is possible you may get splashed or wet, in which case a change of clothing and footwear is highly adviseable.
Assuming fabulous weather, Budworth sailors often hold an impromptu BBQ and open the clubhouse bar after sailing around about 6pm to which everyone is invited. To cater for everyone's taste, whilst someone usually arranges the supply of salads, sailors joining in the BBQ are usually asked to bring their own meat/BBQ food.
Any interested parties should contact Bill Kenyon using the link below. 
Numbers of boats sailing are usually limited for safety reasons, so please ensure you let us know in advance that you wish to attend.


For further information about accessing the sport of Dinghy sailing,
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Dinghy Sailing in Cheshire

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a chance for people to go underwater and experience a completely different environment to being on dry land.  Unlike using a snorkel you can swim down quite deep, and you don't need to keep going back to the surface for air. 


You can simply forget about the stresses and strains of day to day life, experience the freedom and wonders of the underwater world, relax and enjoy a whole new way of living.


Fans of the activity say it's an amazing feeling and is as close as a person can get to being weightless without going into space.


Normally you learn to scuba dive in a pool before going out to open water (seas and rivers).

Diving Exhibitions

Many organisations offer high quality PADI, BSAC or DSAT Scuba Diver training instructors who love all aspects of diving from the deep to the shallow and from the rust to the reef.  Many offer you access to UK diving including Scapa Flow, Oban, Plymouth, as well as 'warm water' diving trips including Egypt, Malta and all around the world if you're after adventure. Why not rent your tank and equipment while you train and then, should you need new equipment when you have decided on what suits you most, you can buy from one of the UK's Dive exhibitions or your local dive shop.

Health & Wellbeing Advice

Have you injured yourself playing sport, are you preparing for a big competition or sporting event, do you wish to enhance your training regimen, improve your recovery rates or simply ease post event pains?.  Why not make an appointment with us by clicking this link

>>>>>  Wellbeing Specialist

Swimming for Fitness

Swimming isn't just a seaside pursuit, it is a way of keeping fit no matter what your age or health.  Indeed, swimming can be both relaxing and competitive, aid fitness and be a gentle way to get back to health after injury or illness.

Swimming is a life saving skill for all who,love water borne pursuits and it is also an element of Iron Man competitions, Triathlons and even the Olympics themself.

Everyone can benefit from swimming instruction - babies and infants taking their first splash, athletes developing their technique or just mum's and dad's for pleasure.

If you are a learner classes can be a fun way to learn and have fun.

If you are an experienced swimmer they can both develop effective technique and introduce you to a whole new group of freinds.

For those with firm goals in mind, such as Traithletes, Iron men, Masters Championships in their sights, classes can take you from effective strokes into how to adopt techniques for efficient swimming.

The Elie Swim School website is up and running.  Click here to access information about swimming classes >>>>>

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