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Country Wine & Liquor Recipes


A liquor in this sense is an alcoholic liquid which is specifically prepared for human consumption.

Liquors are historical descendants of herbal madicines, often prepared by monks from fruits, barks or herbs as early as the 13th century.

Liquors may be served in many ways: by themselves, poured over ice, with coffee, mixed with cream or other mixers to create cocktails, or served with or after a dessert.

Some liquors are prepared by infusing roots, woods, fruits, or flowers in either water or alcohol and adding sugar or other items. Others may be distilled from aromatic or flavouring agents.

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Apple Cider Punch

Look out for the following recipes to be added to this site in the near future, or e-mail us to request a copy of the one you would like if it isn't yet available as a downloadable link

Chilli Sherry
Cucumber Gin
Damson Gin
Damson Liquor
Plum Wine
Late Plum Liquor


Country Wines

Our Country Wines are made by fermentation of pulp and/or pressed juice of fruits, flowers or foliage of aromatic plants.

Made from traditional and newly formed recipes, our Country Wines make best use of seasonal products and are sometimes historically known by repute as herbal remedies.

Whilst some Wines are sweet from the outset, others may involve fermenting all the available sugars into alcohol until they need sweetening to taste after all fermentation has ceased.